The Halo™ Fine Art Travel/Storage Frame

Your stretcher is expensive…

Your painting is valuable…

Protect your artwork with The Halo™

The Halo fine art travel/storage frame was developed by artists for artists, galleries, museums, art transport/storage facilities, and private collectors.

The Halo™ is the best addition to or replacement of existing storage and transportation methods and packing collars, pre-isolating for crating, and is ideal for storage of wet paintings.

The Halo™ is an innovative, creative, and environmentally-friendly solution for art storage and transport — fast, flexible and green.

The Halo™ is the practical, easy-to-use alternative to single-use travel and storage frames constructed from cardboard, wood, and other non-sustainable materials.

  • Easy to use and easily stored
  • Durable, strong, and lightweight
  • Impact-resistant
  • Eco-friendly: reusable & recyclable
  • Modular

Made of extruded ABS plastic, The Halois the GREEN ALTERNATIVE to the wasteful use of disposable cardboard, wood, and synthetic packing collars and materials.

Studio and paintings courtesy of Stas Orlovski

The Halo™ is amazing! What a simple and elegant system! No more 1x travelling frame contraptions! A new sustainable day in the transportation of artwork!

— Donald Dunham, Architect and former Principal Preparator, J. Paul Getty Museum and the Museum of New Zealand

There is so much waste of non-biodegradable materials in the packing and shipping of artworks. I love how The Halo™ collar offers a convertible design wherein I’m able to easily reuse the pieces. By utilizing the Halo, less plastic and lumber goes into a landfill and I save lots of time and money.

— Adam De Boer, artist, preparator, shipper

Save labor. Save time. Save trees.