The Halotm Fine Art Travel/Storage Frame

… because your stretcher is expensive
… because your painting is valuable

Protect your artwork with the Halotm

  • Easy to use & easily stored
  • Safely isolate artwork before crating
  • Durable, strong & lightweight
  • Made of extruded ABS plastic
  • Impact-resistant
  • Alternative to single-use cardboard collars or wooden travel frames
  • Eco-friendly: reusable & recyclable
  • Ideal protection for storing wet paintings
  • Modular and easy to modify
  • Doesn’t off-gas like wooden travel frames/crates

Competitively Priced*

  • $125 versus $270 for a 36″ by 36″ wooden travel frame
  • $190 versus $355 for a 48″ by 72″ wooden travel frame

* prices are approximate

studio and paintings courtesy of Stas Orlovski

People Are Talking About the Halotm

We consulted with an objects conservator who recommended The Halo to protect the delicate surfaces of a recent series of works. Since the surface is subject to corrosion, the off-gassing of wooden travel frames was not an option for this work. The Halo is perfect because it doesn’t allow anything to touch the artwork’s surface during transport or storage. We love that it is reusable and easily customizable.

The Halo is amazing! What a simple and elegant system! No more 1x travelling frame contraptions! A new sustainable day in the transportation of artwork!

The Halo™ was a safe, simple and economical way to ship my work from LA to NYC. When combined with a cardboard case it provides the structural integrity of a crate at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, The Halo™ disassembles for future use without taking up valuable storage space. It is a truly innovative and indispensable product for painters seeking a safe and cost-effective shipping solution.

The Halo™ is an ingenious design for protecting, handling, storing, and safely shipping original works of art. This is an incredible and affordable artist designed method of encapsulating artwork, customizable for size. It is an easy to use, reusable, recyclable, time and money saving device. As a picture framer, artist, and shipper of artwork for many years, I can strongly recommend it for its clever design and multiple time saving uses.

I find The Halo™ a huge time saver! No more cutting and bending strips of cardboard, and all the mess it makes in my studio. I also like the strength of The Halo™; I don’t have to worry about it holding up during transportation. Also, I find I use it over and over, unlike cardboard, it stays strong, it’s durable. And finally, I like the way it looks, professional and smart.

It is important to protect paintings during transit, and The Halo is a unique reusable method for doing so. The Halo™ is a quick and easy way to provide a collar for your paintings. It is particularly useful for unframed paintings or those that have a shallow frame.

There is so much waste of non-biodegradable materials in the packing and shipping of artworks. I love how the Halo collar offers a convertible design wherein I’m able to easily reuse the pieces. By utilizing the Halo, less plastic and lumber goes into a landfill and I save lots of time and money.