Assembly Instructions & Guidelines for The Halo™ Art Travel/Storage Frame

Step-by-Step Instructions

The Halo™ Kit Step by Step Assembly (pdf)

The Halo™ How-To Video

Assembly Guidelines

  • Watch the demonstration video to learn the easiest way to attach The Halo™.
  • Use a magnetized Philips head bit.
  • Tabs of rubber tape placed on the inside of clips are recommended to ensure that clips stay in place and won’t slip.
  • Use a piece of foam, 2″ x 9″, and cut to the depth you want (1″, 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″), to make attachment of corners easier, as seen in demonstration video.
  • Stretcher bar depth should not exceed 2 1/2″ for The Halo™ to be most effective.
  • The Halo™ is not advisable for use with stretcher bars made from soft wood.
  • 1/4″ threaded brass inserts (used with 8-32 size machine screws) are the ideal way to insure a secure attachment when The Halo™ is to be used repeatedly on the same painting.

Additional Protection

To be most effective, stretcher bar depth should not exceed 2½ inches.

After you have attached The Halo™ to your artwork:

  • Wrap in clear polyethylene, using tape to secure the plastic.
  • Tape cardboard to the front and back after it is wrapped it in polyethylene.

For large canvases, tie cotton twill tape around the artwork before wrapping it in polyethylene to prevent the plastic from touching the artwork surface.

Disassembly and Storage Guidelines

Disassembling The Halo™ is easy: simply reverse the steps.

Storing your Halo™ Kit components when not in use is easy too. For example:

  • A 16″ x 16″ x 30″ box can hold up to 8 sets (32 pieces) of rails.
  • A plastic bin provides simple, easy storage for the corners and clips.

The Halo Kit™

The Halo™ system is comprised of 3″ x 3″, U-shaped channel components that are screwed to the back of the artwork’s support structure (stretcher bars) through pre-drilled holes.

The basic Halo™ Kit accommodates 2-dimensional art work up to 9.5′ by 9.5′ and includes:

  • Four 9″ x 9″ U-Channel corners.
  • Four straight U-Channel lengths that run between the corners. The front of the rails is smooth; the back has four incised lines with pre-drilled holes and a deeper groove at the outside to attach the clips.
  • Eight 6″ U-Channel clips that snap on over the gaps between corner-to-rail or rail-to-rail sections.
  • Twenty (20) #8 x 5/8″ washer head screws.
  • Rubber tape.

See recommended configurations for different artwork sizes in Products.


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©2015  the halo™ created by ArtAegis LLC  US Patent #US14/306,475  terms & conditions
213.465.0677  Made in the USA

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