The Halotm Kit

The Halo™ system is comprised of 3″ x 3″, U-shaped channel components that are screwed to the back of the artwork’s support structure (stretcher bars) through pre-drilled holes.

The basic Halo™ Kit accommodates 2-dimensional art work up to 9.5′ by 9.5′ and includes:

  • Four 9″ x 9″ U-Channel corners.
  • Four straight U-Channel lengths that run between the corners. The front of the rails is smooth; the back has four incised lines with pre-drilled holes and a deeper groove at the outside to attach the clips.
  • Eight 6″ U-Channel clips that snap on over the gaps between corner-to-rail or rail-to-rail sections.
  • Twenty (20) #8 x 5/8″ washer head screws.
  • Rubber tape.

Halotm Flexibility

Based on a 1” side standoff, using a 1” thick piece of foam to help to keep your standoff consistent, and using 6” clips, your Halo is adaptable and can fit a painting up to 4” larger and 2” smaller than the size you bought it for.

For example, a Halo™ for a 36” x 48” painting can be used for a painting up to 40” x 52” or as small as a 34” x 46”, or any other size in between.

With the purchase of larger clips, it’s even more flexible. Our goal is to make your Halo™ investment as flexible and re-usable as possible.

Halotm Assembly Instructions

Watch the demonstration video to learn the easiest way to attach The Halo™, review these step-by-step instructions


  • Use a magnetized Philips head bit.
  • Tabs of rubber tape placed on the inside of clips are recommended to ensure that clips stay in place and won’t slip.
  • Use a piece of foam, 2″ x 9″, and cut to the depth you want (1″, 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″), to make attachment of corners easier, as seen in demonstration video.
  • Stretcher bar depth should not exceed 2 1/2″ for The Halo™ to be most effective.
  • The Halo™ is not advisable for use with stretcher bars made from soft wood.
  • 1/4″ threaded brass inserts (used with 8-32 size machine screws) are the ideal way to insure a secure attachment when The Halo™ is to be used repeatedly on the same painting.

For correct rail lengths, subtract 18″ from each dimension. Example: for a 60″ by 48″ painting, you would need two rails at 42″ and two rails at 30″.

Additional Protection

To be most effective, stretcher bar depth should not exceed 2½ inches.

After you have attached The Halo™ to your artwork:

  • Wrap in clear polyethylene, using tape to secure the plastic.
  • Tape cardboard to the front and back after it is wrapped it in polyethylene.
  • For large canvases, tie cotton twill tape around the artwork before wrapping it in polyethylene to prevent the plastic from touching the artwork surface.

For more information, see the DIY section below.

Disassembly & Storage

Disassembling The Halo™ is easy: simply reverse the steps.

Storing your Halo™ Kit components when not in use is easy too. For example:

  • A 16″ x 16″ x 30″ box can hold up to 8 sets (32 pieces) of rails.
  • A plastic bin provides simple, easy storage for the corners and clips.

Step-by-Step Instructions & DIY Guidelines

For correct rail lengths, subtract 18″ from each dimension. Example: for a 60″ by 48″ painting, you would need two rails at 42″ and two rails at 30″. Demonstration Video & Step-by-Step Instructions

When cutting “rails” always place a block inside the “rail” channel as pictured. The block we have used is easy to make, it is 2 – 10” lengths of 2” x 4” stud material screwed together.

Foam strips are recommended to insure the appropriate consistent distance from the perimeter around the painting being protected. It is easy to cut as demonstrated below. For an additional $5.00 we will provide two 1″x2″x12″ lengths of foam.

Note: ArtAegis LLC is not responsible for damages incurred if Halo™ is used in any way other than that recommended in the instructions included with Halo™ components or on the haloArtAegis web page. Also, ArtAegis LLC is not responsible for damages that occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

When used according to ArtAegis’s instructions, The Halo™ is a sturdy protection for the perimeter and surface of a painting. User is responsible for ensuring that the surface of the painting is protected from contact with anything. No warranty is made for the use of The Halo™ for any purpose other than that specifically mentioned in the instructions included with Halo™ components or on the haloArtAegis web page.

No travel frame, including The Halo™, is entirely free of risk,. Potential damage to a painting may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, but when used properly according to our directions The Halo™ will serve the same function as a cardboard collar or wooden travel frame as well or better and much less expensive. Care given to protecting the surface of a painting is determined by how carefully The Halo™ is attached, and how carefully it is wrapped and protected by polyethylene and/or cardboard if that is warranted as noted in the “Additional Protection” on the The Halo™ Kit page. This product is to be used on paintings of standard configuration i.e.; rectangular shapes. If your painting is made of unusual materials or is an unusual shape a professional shipper should be consulted. See Terms and Conditions.